Our story is one of passion, kindness, community and of course, good food. What began as a mission to provide an affordable and ethical solution to eating healthy on the go, soon transformed into a journey with much more purpose.
We realised that our values of supporting good health came hand-in-hand with our values of ‘doing good’ for our community and our environment. So we sought out to understand the story behind the plate, to really connect with the communities we serve and the farmers we work with.

Scott Gooding


“The time to demonise refined, processed food has passed; the time to celebrate and embrasse real food is upon us  ”

As a thought-leader in this space, Scott Gooding is the driver of our philosophy at The Good Feed.

His mission as a passionate chef, trainer and author is to transform the stigma around diet and encourage people to take holistic control of their health.

By showcasing the people and stories behind our food, he believes we can connect our community and encourage individuals to make conscious choices focussed on sustainability and nourishment.  

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